Overcome stumbling blocks

    • regular meetings aren’t productive, especially when you’re trying to get new things going: 71% of senior managers say meetings are unproductive; there’s meeting overwhelm, and poor agendas leave people disgruntled and disengaged
    • you and your team face a lot of daily disruptions so it’s hard to clearly identify innovation challenges and align on them
    • if you do get started, its easy to get stuck

A facilitated workshop or retreat gives you an intense, uninterrupted experience. Engaging processes (that you don’t have to worry about!) help to quickly identify and align on challenges, so you can unleash creativity and get results. Participants feel motivated and productive.

Rogue & Wye create the experiences you need to:


  • Discover new ideas
  • Design new programmes, products or services
  • Name new enterprises

Engage & Align

  • Identify the right challenges to solve
  • Refresh company strategy
  • Develop thought leadership

Collaborate with

  • Suppliers or external stakeholders
  • Internal teams
  • Hybrid work groups

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Contact & About

The Rogue and the Wye are two beautiful, powerful rivers, the first in the state of Oregon in the United States and the second originating in Wales and travelling along the border between England and Wales.

In addition to being connected to these river places, our lead facilitator, Ann, has experience with the ‘rivers’ of innovation and collaboration. Since her days at Stanford University she’s worked with design and innovation practices for collaboration in tech startups, public sector, academia and corporates and has been doing ‘in-house’ facilitation for the past 10 years.

Please get in touch:

ann@roguewye ‘dot’ com

tel UK country code 44 then zero74 4756 1030

Member International Association of Facilitators.