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Getting people back together in person? Worried that your meetings drain, rather than energise people? If you want to ace the collaborative sessions you run for innovation, strategy, or team building, let’s talk! As a facilitator, I help you create and deliver focused meetings that are ‘hard fun,’ using either:



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How Facilitation Helps You

A facilitator guides your group through a collaborative process, helping them do their best work, while avoiding pitfalls such as groupthink, rabbit holes, or going over time (to name a few).

Post-pandemic, facilitation is increasingly important. We gather less frequently in person, and we need more of a reason to gather. So expectations are high for those workshops and ‘away days’. We expect them to be rewarding, meaningful, and productive.

To exceed expectations, your session has to be ‘hard fun,’  where things are challenging enough to create ‘flow’ states for participants. That’s what a facilitator can achieve with you, using Design Thinking facilitation or LEGO Serious Play. 

Learn more about how these two facilitation techniques can work for you. And, get the Rogue & Wye booklet that walks you through three core elements of successful ‘design thinking’ facilitation. 

Learn three core elements of successful ‘design thinking’ facilitation.

About your facilitator

I’m Ann Thorpe, a facilitator helping groups work together intentionally to find opportunities, create new stuff or develop strategy. I bring the frameworks and ways of working, so your group can focus on their expertise to bring the results, whether in-person, hybrid or fully online. I’m UK-based but available globally.

A designated collaboration session is high stakes. It happens in real time at a fast pace. And your participants are looking for the right kind of experience and result. I can help you ace collaborative sessions, and I bring knowledge and experience from across public, private and nonprofit sectors. Whatever your roles, I can create a relatable experience.

The emblems below tell you more about where my facilitation skills, which I update regularly, come from. On the lighter side, here are six quirky facts about me and the name Rogue & Wye.

“I’m excited to recommend Ann based on my experience working with her on an in-person away day, an online strategy session, and a funding workshop. Ann is an exceptional facilitator who brings a unique and customized approach to each session.”

– Maria, Maths and Physical Sciences Faculty

“Ann was a great help throughout every stage of planning and delivery for an afternoon round table. During planning Ann provided feedback and suggestions on how to ensure time was used effectively through offering tried and tested frameworks to provoke thoughtful ideas and effectively develop those throughout the discussion to create meaningful and actionable outcomes… I highly recommend for any future ideation and planning sessions.”
-Simon, Convener: Local Authority roundtable 

“Ann helped me design and deliver a workshop in which every participant was actively involved. Her planning for the exercises got me thinking about what I was really trying to achieve, and whether there were groups or dynamics I hadn’t considered previously. Facilitation before, during, and after the event was a game changer. I’m hugely grateful, and can’t wait to book her again!”
– Sarah, Convener: Workshop on the Future of Epidemic Simulation

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