The problem with meetings

      • 71% of senior managers say meetings are unproductive
      • people feel overwhelmed by meetings
      • poor focus and irrelevant agenda items leave people disgruntled and disengaged

Facilitation brings structure & processes for collaboration, so your meetings get faster results, decisions & solutions. Participants feel productive.

Rogue & Wye help you set up the right processes to get started and then structure what to do in your next working session to:


  • New ideas
  • Design sprints
  • Naming products/services

Engage & Align

  • Strategize on complex challenges
  • Refresh company vision
  • Develop thought leadership


  • suppliers or external stakeholders
  • internal teams
  • hybrid work

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Contact & About

ann@roguewye ‘dot’ com

tel UK country code 44 then zero74 4756 1030

Ann’s got experience with collaboration in tech startups, public sector, academia and corporates and have been doing ‘in-house’ facilitation for the past 10 years.  Lots of experience with design and innovation practices.

Member International Association of Facilitators.