Bringing your facilitator to life.

Below are 6 facts about me that can round out an almost overly full background on my Linkedin profile.

The name Rogue & Wye comes from two powerful rivers, the Rogue River (which I’ve rafted) in the American State of Oregon and the River Wye, in the UK. These two rivers represent flow of ideas, the flow state of ‘hard fun,’ and my two geographical anchor points in the US and UK.


Although I live in the UK now, I’m originally from Seattle, so I’m practically Canadian!

Seattle’s Aurora Bridge, shot from the Fremont Bridge (yes, that’s a rainbow)


I spent time as a volunteer Nordic (e.g. back country) Ski Patroller in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

check out those knee pads!


Sometimes, I’ve knit the sweater I’m wearing.

Knitting in the round


During my graduate studies in the Energy and Resources Group at University of California (Berkeley), I did field work in India for 9 months .

South India with veterinarian friend


My ‘most recommended’ for visitors to London is the British Library’s permanent exhibition (free!): hand-written manuscripts (including Beatle’s lyrics), maps, the Magna Carta and more.

British Library: illustrated manuscripts from everywhere


I’m an audio book fiend – 40,000 minutes in a year, and that’s just the sci fi/fantasy. 

Ray Porter’s my favourite narrator